Prayer to Have Good Resolution for Cancer

by SP (Michigan)

First, I thank you for helping me to be accepted at a new apartment and I thank you for softening the hearts of those involved in allowing me to stay in this apartment for one more month.

Now Father God and most holy Saint Jude, I come before to request that my cancer diagnosis come to a quick resolution. I have been diagnosed with Stage 1 Uterine Cancer and I see the Oncologist on Monday.

Father, if it be your will, have the cancer be gone! If I must have the hysterectomy make it crystal clear to me and help me to recover quickly as I must move my belongings into the new apartment.

Please Dear Sweet Jesus and Precious Saint Jude, bring me many many kind helpers and workers who will help me move, pack, clean and do all of the things that are now necessary in order to get my Security Deposit back.

Bring me all of the helpers that I need!!!

Thank you Jesus and Saint Jude!!!

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