Prayer to have Family peace

by Sam (UK)


Family life can be hard, I pray for my brother who has become rude to me, feels it is OK to be so very distant and then when he decides to speak to be rude. I pray that I find the strength to carry on, a family event that I have been excluded from.

All I wanted was to find out what the plans were for the weekend, I asked but was not told and told to work it out myself.

I ask that a message is sent from you lord to my brother, Mum and her husband to treat me with kindness, to not be rude and to know it is hurtful always being told at last minute what is going on.

Lord please get a message to them today. Make them think how they come across to me, make them understand.

Lord when things go wrong help me not to react in the way I did yesterday it was wrong but I have taken too much lately and could take no more.

Help me to be strong.

Make Rob, Mum and Mark reflect on the way they treat me, make them feel bad, make them understand that it is wrong to ignore / when you do eventually speak to be rude. I was also wrong to retaliate.

I am sorry for my sins, help me lord to live a better life but do get my message across to the people

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