Prayer to have faith in love

by Anna (Arkansas)

Dear Lord,

I know I have sinned and done so many wrong things in my relationship and as well as my partner.
I have done the worse but I know That You O’ Lord are a forgiving God and will guide me through this hard time between me and my love to where I need to be. Protect him Dear Lord, He is the one I love so much on this earth. Guide him to his destinations.

Protect him from evil. Show him the love that no one may ever be able to touch. Guid Him back to me safely O’Lord. Guide us back into each others arms with understanding, compassion, love and faith. I Thank You O’Lord for giving him to me for the period of time we may be together and have been a part of one anothers life.

Keep us together by your Holy hands, Love, Protection and eternal Joy. Give us the strength to go through each challenge we may face together and as separates. Dear Lord, I love you, with all my heart and soul. You are the Divine and most loving God. Amen.