Prayer to Have Better Finances and Find a Good, Loving Partner

by Maria (Malaysia)

Dear Lord, i have so many problems that i cant handle in my life.

I got myself into a investment and lost my money.
I got a job and the boss always scolding me whereby this company is on lots of debt and I’m in the middle to get the scold from all the suppliers.

Having relationship problem with my boyfriend who is not in my religion , first told going to convert and now changed his mind cause of his family.
Looking for a different job with better pay to help my family financially and to support my sister.

Please lord bless my boss and on the words that she use to me, bless those people who calling me everyday for their money and bless my partner to accept Jesus in his life. Make me to a tool to show him your wonders and show him the truth of life. Amen. i really need your blessing o LORD.

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