Prayer to Have a Relationship Miracle

by Elien (Belgium)

Holy apostle St Jude Thaddeus,

glorious helper in times of desperate need,
I ask thee of helping me in this situation. I beg you to bring back my lover to me, restore our relationship, cause I know it is meant to be.

V and I are meant to be, cause our relationship was a miracle gives to me by our Heavenly Father. But now, it’s… over? He has left me, and with him I have lost so many things. My dreams of the future, my future itself, my wishes, my desires, friends who I thought were ever close to me, my present…

I’ve even given up on school, cause I couldn’t fight anymore or pay attention.
Please St Jude, help me trough this desperate case. Bring him back to me, let him find the love again we once shared.

Glory be to the Father, his son and the Holy Spirit. May you help me.

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  1. Faith

    Good morning Elien

    You are a good person

    Your friends may not have been your

    True friends I know you are strong

    I know you can do anything if you

    Have faith and set your mind to it

    Life has many paths sometimes we

    Must go down roads ever difficult

    To get where the Lord wants us

    I have faith in you! Jesus hears you

    Jesus also needs you! Please go to

    Church each Sunday even if you do not

    Feel like it He is there for you

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