Prayer to Have a Permanent Job to Provide for My Loved Ones

(Gauteng, South Africa)

I need help with my work situation. I am on a fixed term contract – and would like a permanent job with the company and all the bells and whistles that go with getting a permanent job there.

There are some there that make my life difficult and threat to have my contract terminated.

So I pray everyday for God to be with me and he is.

But I’m not young and permancy would be good.


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  1. job placement in my current situation

    I have worked at the same job 10 years and recently my boss is jumping all over me. I guess I have always known she doesn’t care for me but it has been abnormally bad lately. I feel that she and my co-worker want me out of my position and will make sure it happens. I really enjoy my job but am sickened by how I am being treated at work. I just hope I can find a position within the same employer but maybe in a more peaceful area. I am 45 years old and am frightened to try to learn another trade but am also so nervous every day about coming to work that I am on the edge of my seat and feel I will more than likely mess up by being overly nervous.
    I just pray all will work out and I have the strength in my heart not to be bitter and accept and forgive the way they are treating me. I admit I make mistakes but do not feel I should be degraded. prayers please.

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