Prayer to Have a Healthy and Normal Baby


With the feeling that I have already concieved…I write the below note.

Today is one of the most happiest days of my life…I have concieved and nothing else can be more victorious than knowing the fact that there is a little one growing in me….I am trying to be a complete woman with this achievement…that day of I holding my baby in my hands could be the most awaited day of my life, but this is where I call the beginning…!! God, I know, you are with me and have given the best people to take care of me. I shall remain indebt to you.

My life seems so changed already and I feel I am experiencing a new me within my divine soul and want every step of my life to be walked with utmost care, sympathy and humbleness. I want to be a new person with new insights into this beautiful life and want my baby to grow in the best womb ever. I want to listen to the best of music to sooth my baby’s ears, I want to read the best of the books to impart a great knowledge into my baby, I want to do the best deeds to make my baby a fine human being and I want to love my baby to make him feel loved, cared and hugged always..

I want to live a neat and dignified life with my husband and want my baby to feel that he is in best hands and has been blessed with the best set of parents. I want my husband to teach the human values and I the naughtiness, I want my husband to teach him what life is…I want my husband to be the best dad and a ideal man to my baby and I want to be the naughtiest and dear mom to my baby. My baby should treat me as his best friend for life and his father as the best teacher.

Such would be my world that…My baby should feel why did he get so late to come into this world and God-the creator should feel sad that he didnt bless me for 7 years with this gift…but god does the right things at the right time for the right person and in the right place.

My baby….I await for you as much I await for a Divine Gift….I await for you…as much a alm to a hungry beggar, I await for much a sunny day needs some breeze and I await for you as much a Woman wants to become a MOTHER. My baby…Pl come into me..I love you and please show me the new life that I am desperate of…I want you to be my teacher for 9 months…I want to learn life from you…I want you to be my Mentor, My philosopher…and my friend.

Baby I love you…and am waiting to hold you into my hands.

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