Prayer to Have a Good Life with my Fiancé.

by Latoria Fountain (Winnfield, La. Uusa)

Father, God I wnt to first Thank You for Everything you’ll doin & gone do in our lives. Please forgive us of our sins! Strengthen us Mind Body & Soul, Cleansing us! Lift us up for we are your children. Father, we need you, need you Now & Forever! Bless our love one’s, family, friends, homes, cars… etc. So much more for you knows our heart. Be with & within Odicini & I at all times.

Lord jesus my baby has been sentenced on wrongful term, please make justice with his case so he could soon be home to his love ones & childrens! We plea the blood of Jesus all over us! Keep us safe & protected & out of harms way! Strengthen us we are weak. Help us Financially! Work ur powers with us! We need a helping hand & we turn to you father! Bless us! We thank you so… much & loves you!! -Amen…. God bless the world!!!!