Prayer to Have a Good Employment

by Adrienne (Kentucky)

Heavenly father, I don’t not ask for much I will work for what I need but I’m asking you to please help me for what I’m going through my financial problems and needs right now I have no ways no transportation to get back and forth to work I barely have help but I come forth to you Jesus and I ask you to please help me I can’t do it on my own I need you .

I will walk by faith & put all my faith in you each & everyday every second every minute every hour like I have been Jesus.. But please get me out of this situation I pray Jesus Christ that I will find employment & transportation to get me out of this dept i would help other in the time of need but others were not there for me in the time of need or help like family or friends i need you Jesus i need you now right away Heavenly Father i ask you in Jesus name I pray amen!

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