Prayer to Have a Debt-Free Life and Better Finances

by Archana (India)

Dear God, I know you are listening to my prayers , the pain and sorrow i am going through i know you are watching over me but i need your guidance as i am feeling lost alone in this world.I prayer for immediate help to get rid of the debt me and my husband are facing.

The financial crunch is killing our happiness i feel the boat of my life is sinking i need your helping hand to get me out of this financial debt strom. Day by day my faith is getting shattered as i cant see any way out.Please lord god the almighty show us some way please send your helping hand so we can start living our life happily again.

I beg for forgiveness of all our sins my lord and thank you for all that is been given to me without even asking. Please be by me oh god i need your help immediately
I pray in the name of Jesus Amen !

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