Prayer to have a daughter

by Sherilene (Philippines)

Dear Lord, I know that in your perfect time you will answer my prayer for us to finally have a beautiful, healthy and wonderful daughter. I am already blessed with a son, who we love and care for so much. We want to share this overflowing love to our unborn daughter who we know will complete our family. I am earnestly praying that you lay hands on me to heal my womb, so I can finally bear a child. In your perfect time, when all are laid out, we welcome our daughter as the wonderful addition to our family. We can wait. I know that you are working a miracle for us. In the meantime keep me and my husband strong and faithful with our love for each other. Bind us in love and honesty so that when you finally answer our prayer we are so ready to receive your greatest gift of a daughter. I love you Lord. I trust in your holy will.

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