Prayer to Have a Breakthrough in our Finances

Precious Father and Lord,I present my prayer before Your throne in the mighty,beautiful, and powerful name of your son Jesus Christ,my Lord and Savior;I thank you and bless Your name for all your love,care,and provision for me and my daughter.

You have stood by us Lord even when the whole world walked out on us. Precious Father,I now find myself in a desperate financial situation;I am in serious and terrible debt,my daughter has not been to school for over a year now due to lack of fees,my business has collapsed.

Lord,I pray for forgiveness because I know at some point in time I probably made some wrong choices which contributed to the situation I now find myself in. Though my faith is low,I praise you Lord God of my fathers Abraham, Isaac,and Jacob because I know you are in the details and you have me in your sight.

I pray Lord for a financial breakthrough that I may have capital to start out in business afresh,to pay school arrears and for my daughter to go back to school, and to settle all the debts I have. Almighty Father,I also pray that You may come through for me urgently in the regurlarization and urgent sale of my piece of land.

I put my trust in Your very able hands dear Lord. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, and by the mighty powet of the Holy Spirit. Oh Lord,please do not let me be more ashamed than I already am. I believe in You Lord.Amen.

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