Prayer to Have a Baby

by Elsie (South Africa)

Lord of the vast Heavens and the diverse Earth,

I pray for a connection with your divinity.
Please cast your Holiness and grace upon me so that it can fill my tired being and banish all the bad.
I wish to feel your presence and your calming caress.
Make me into a privileged vessel for your goodness and holy creation – to have a baby we can cherish dearly and love deeply.
A little miracle we can commit to – and commit to You,dear Lord.
Please allow your intervention that has been waiting for so long and for which we, in turn, have so long longed.
For you know the desires of our hearts and you created families to prosper and bask in Your glory.
My prayer has long been waiting to be exhaled once more to You.
Our family silently struggling to understand and getting more worried too.
I know that You have plans for all of us and we should only trust, but Lord Almighty please grant us at least one child to celebrate our unity.
Dear Lord we love you dearly and we try to be ever patient, but I fear my sorrow is running deeper and the longing gets steeper.
I trust in Your perfect timing, Lord.
I pray for your consolation and strength until you fulfill your promise.
In your precious and holy name,

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