Prayer to guide our family

Dear St Joseph,

Be with our families now as we continue to grow. Bless our daughter who is pregnant with child and watch over her as we hope to choose what is best for our family in our decisions to sell this house and further our journey together as a family. Guide us to make choices for our family that are faith based and selfless, let us surrender to Gods will, and trust His plan for all of us.

When it is His will let us find a buyer for this house who is trustworthy kind and sincere. Let Gods love continue to surround us and fill our lives no matter where we go.

Please help me to sell our house so that our financial burden may be lessened. A series of job losses have befallen us and we are forced to sell this house. I worry for my pregnant daughter that this stress on us is harming her health.

I promise dear saint that should you ask the blessing of GOD our father for a quick and true sale that we will be forever greatfull and will honour you always.


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