Prayer to Guide My Husband Back and Heal Our Marriage

by Jolene (Singapore)

Dear Lord,

I sincerely pray for your mercy and your grace to help heal and restore my marriage.
My husband, Joshua, suddenly says he feels he cannot talk to me anymore. He says he loves me still but he feels things will not be the same as before.

Dear Lord, please send your Holy Spirit to touch Joshua’s heart, mind and soul and help him to remember all he loves me and we can work through any difficulties that come our way. Help Joshua to come back to the faith of you, Lord and help him to come back to our marriage. Please take away all the hurt and burden he is going through and help him see the light back to our marriage.

I love my husband very much.
Dear Lord, please bless us continually with your grace and mercy and help us show each other unconditional love and forever forgiving towards each other always.
Thank you, Dear Lord for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen!

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