Prayer to Guide Him Back to My Arms

by Hb (West Midlands)

Dear god, please bring my love back to me. I know he feels I wasn’t there to support him when he needed it but make him see he pushed me away. I haven’t done anything badly against him. Please forgive me for all the sins I have done and bring him back to me.

He will make everything ok. You know my current situation and I’m trying to make everything in my world right. It’s hard to do alone. I feel I have no choice right now but I need support too and strength. I need to feel loved and protected especially from you and him. Please guide him back to me and make him love me. He has his good and bad qualities like everyone but he needs to stop playing with my head and my emotions.

He knows how much I love him and he plays with that. Make him see that I am genuine and that I do love him and need him. Just want to be able to show him how special he is and that even though he has done bad I will help to make us both right. Amen

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