Prayer to Grant employment for my husband- in Jesus’ name we trust!

by Mary (CA)

Dear Jesus,

You know the prayer of my heart before I even speak. You know my worries and anxiety.
Dear Jesus, I humbly and with my entire soul I implore you to bestow a stable, full time, and decently waged employment upon my husband.

He has overcome depression and anxiety due to the job he was in previously, and as that job was severely detrimental to his health, we decided he needed to resign. Unfortunately he has been looking for work for months now, and has had no luck. I am truly thankful for my employment but I am scared that I will not be able to pay for everything we need.

Please Lord help him. He is so hard working and generous. We just want to be in a position where we can help others again the way we used to. I believe that through you, your father our God, and all the angels and saints this will be done. Please Jesus, hear our desperate plea. Forgive our sins, and answer our prayer for the sake of our children. In you I trust always! Amen!

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