Prayer to God to intervene with a financial miracle

Heavenly Father, I come before Your Throne of Grace in the Minghty Name of Jesus Christ.

I am praying for a financial miracle to come to me urgently. I know Lord, that I should not give You a time limit, but I am desperate. I have been sent summons to attend an appearance hearing or appeal to defend by our local authority for bills not paid that amount to $2 433.93 plus costs. Lord I ask for your intervention in this matter. Services have not been rendered efficiently by the authority and the bill was accumulating each month. I pray to you my Lord, and ask for your grace, though I do not deserve it. Please Lord, guide me in this matter, I seek Your instruction and I confess Lord, that sometimes we think we can do it on our own but only You can do it for us. Lord, I cast all my burdens and yokes upon your shoulders.

I pray for the reversal, cancellation or payment of this debt, Lord, other wise they will attach my house. Help me Lord in my distress call, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. AMEN