Prayer to god to come out of the veil of depression.

by Pearl (Mumbai)

Dearest thing to me,

dear God,

You know what i am going through right now, you know what i am facing and what is obstructing me from leading a life that is happy like it used to be. You know what has taken away the smile from my face and what i go through every moment.

Dear God I humbly pray to you to take me out of this and give me peace,happiness and joy. I pray to you to encourage me in all aspects of my life and be there with me in the times i feel very low and depressed. God please have mercy on me and see me through these thick dark foggy veils that cover my thoughts.Please god look at me and understand me. Let me know that you are here with me. Take me out of depression God and make me feel better each day. Help me make my spirit feel high 🙂

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