Prayer to God in Time of Desperate Need

by Gary (God Knows Where I Am)

Heavenly Father, I come before you as your servant, in time of desperate need. Never before, Father, have I felt so helpless, so powerless, finding myself where I never imagined, accused of what You know I have not, could not do. I ask that you do not let these lies the evil one has set against me stand.

Someone wishes me harm for the love I’ve shown and taught, which is the Love you taught me, by sacrificing your Son for me, and giving me parents that understood and shared Your unconditional love. Let their lies be seen for what they are, so I may continue with the path you’ve set before me. Let your wisdom be my guide in this difficult time.

Let me hold my head up high, as You know my conscience is clean of all I stand accused of. Father, I pray for those that would do me harm, let them come to know your love, do not give up on them, they need you so much right now. Let your love shine.

Where else can I turn, Father. In You I place my trust.