Prayer to God for Financial Help

by Yolanda (Houston, Texas)

Please help me. My husband has left me and I’m disabled. I want to purchase a home for myself so I have some place to live. Right now, I live with my daughter. My car needs $1,000 worth of repairs, my car insurance is do. I am drowning in debt. Every time I turn around I get a bill that has to be paid.

Because of this my credit score are low. I need prayer that I can get a financial blessing to be able to purchase a home, all my bills are paid off, my credit score rise substantially, my health improves, and my claim adjuster Vickie Beaver will stop harassing me. She is trying to block the treatment I need for my hands to get better. I got in a car accident and received serious injuries. I have 6 herinated discs and a pinch nerve in my neck.

The insurance has not come back with an offer. The doctor said I will have to have surgery. Please pray the the insurance co will pay for all the treatment and my pain and suffering. I have seen three 3 bdrm homes I am interested in. Please pray a miracle that I am able to purchase one of them and put down at least half our just about the whole amount of the house down.

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