prayer to give me strength patience & understaning

by Sandy (Tennessee)

Dear God,

I come humbly to you. I know now forgiveness was/is the key to live happily today. I See that you brought him into my life to let see how true love is suppose to be. i know he was my guiding light and like no other i have found the one that i was meant tp love the other half of me. It saddens me so that we arent together anymore and my heart bofy soul yearns for him so.

I lift him to you in prayer open his heart open his mind let him see and feel the depths of my love and oh lord please guide him back to me. God please dont take the only man who ive loved so from me . please allow me to love him please allow us to be and god as you hear my prayer tonight i pray kashata and i reunite you bring our patjs together yet agaon and you bless us with strength forgiviness unconditional love and father god ypu let our love grow in your hollu nsme i pray!