Prayer to Give me Hope To Look Forward To

My Dear Lord, Give me hope that I never hear from what I fear the most from and that it passes without problems. I was a victim and did not know. I need hope for a better day each day and for someone to come into my life to help me and to love me. I hope each day you show mercy upon me for all the pain and sorrow I have been through. I pray all will be alright for me.

I pray you help me to have more hope of a better future for the years I have left. I live needing help and have no one to help me. Please help my daughter to change and become a better person and mother. Help her to prosper on her own without my help for I will not always be here for her. Help us Lord to become better people and to serve you as Christians.

I praise you and thank you for all you have done for me Lord. I want to serve you and to tithe to you and to show my devotion to you. I honor you Lord for you are my Savior oh Lord. I thank you for each day. I pray all this in your name, Jesus. AMEN

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