Prayer to Give Him an Opportunity

Dear God,

I am writing this to you on behalf of my boyfriend of 9 years. I place my humble needs before you. My boyfriend he smart, he is a fast learner. Opportunities have come by, but something always comes in between and prevents him from grabbing the job opportunities.

Dear God, please have mercy on my boyfriend. He feels out of luck and doesn’t know how much longer he will have to carry on this way. Dear God, I really do not want to end my relationship over his job issue. I have responsibilities as a daughter and I cannot disappoint my Father.

Please please help my boyfriend God. We have been together for 9 years, and I really do not want his job issue to tarnish our beautiful relationship.

Please forgive me for all my sins God, and if my boyfriend has done anything wrong which is causing him to go through this, on his behalf, I beg for forgiveness God.

Dear God, we have always been told that Good things come to those to work hard. We have been working very hard, so is my Boyfriend with his job search. I cannot afford to lose my boyfriend, as he means a lot to me.

I leave it in your hands God, please have mercy on me.

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  1. Faith

    My prayers are with both of you

    Your boyfriend is not being punished by God

    People have successes and failures

    It is how you deal with setbacks that defines

    You people have failed multiple times and these failures

    Led them to opportunities and successes

    Please go to church each Sunday hopefully

    Both of you together and let God shoulder your

    Trouble He is your Partner in life

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