Prayer to Get Well Soon

Dear GOD,you already know what i want to say….its been almost 5 months that i am taking medicines,but i am not cured.i do trust you,kindly make me well.i want to get well before this new year,please help me,doctor says its dilusions..or virtigo,i am very upset and want you to heal me..i know you will do that my LORD,i am not able to suffer this..kindly listen to me and give me the oppurtunity to live a normal life once again..i am waiting for you help..

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  1. Prayer

    Dear Heavenly Father, Your miracle healing has started in me I trust in this according to your Word. I need to get well Lord so that I can do the things I need to do, to travel the road ahead. I need strength dear Lord. Healing. I thank you Father for Your Mercy. In Jesus name, Amen.

  2. Dear God

    Dear God,
    I pray to make me well I’ve been sick for a week now and had quite a scare. Please heal my chronic ear infection, and thank you for letting someone be here with me when I had to go to the hospital twice. Thank you for allowing me to get the fluids I needed so bad. I would like to get well soon so I can raise my beautiful grand daughter you entrusted me with. Keep my family healthy. I will go where you need me please let me feel better soon and keep my family healthy.

  3. Responding to your prayers

    All of these prayers are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!! God will definitely recognize and remember you keep on caring.

  4. help me please

    god i beg you please help me get well its been weeks now diff medication still not working , im am your messenger please i love my family so much take away this stomach trouble i bed you make me healthy again

  5. Prayer to get well

    Dear God! Please answer my prayer and allow me to heal, live and return to normal life with my beloved husband and family!
    I got severely sick with a fatal desease. Please God: cure me, allow the cure to happen and let me return to life!
    I am praying for a miracle as I hope for one you can make!
    Love and light! Olga.

  6. help me get well

    My Dear God, I have been sick for a long time now I need your help. I have severe althritis sleep apnea blocked arteries and Copd if one this is better, than the other flares up. I need surgery badly but its very risky, I need to have it soon .Now I am having a COPD reaction from getting a upper respitory infection. Please help me to breath normal again.. and get healthy an have a successful surgery.
    In your name I pray for your divine mercy and grace upon me for healing

  7. Prayer to get well

    Please help me recover from this illness and symptoms – I had an ear infection which lasted for weeks but the hospital think I’m ok. But I’m chronically exhausted and fall asleep on the sofa when trying to get back to normal. Please God give me strength to do my tasks

  8. Prayer for sick Husband

    Dear God,

    Please hear our prayers and allow us the years together gain us this blessing since you are the reason we are together in this married today as a husband and a wife. We are far far in distance only ask God to allow us to have a marriage we can spend our lives together and not apart forgive us of any sins we committed against your will or eyes that have seen us at our most wrongful moment. Please protect our love and unity, don’t forsake us and heal my husband William in Jesus name , in the blood of Jesus, Amen

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