Prayer to Get Through a Very Bad Situation in Life

by Janesse (New Jersey)


First i want to thank you for all that you have done for me and my family but i come to you because i am at a very hard place in my life everything seems to be going wrong and i don’t know how to handle it. I know that you would not give me more then i can handle but this is hard and i don’t know how to make it through.

I want to give up so bad i have nobody here for me I see people with family or at least one person who cares but i don’t have not one my marriage is failing so bad and the worst one is that i can not have children what use am i if i can not do anything i just feel as if i am a failure and everyone around me has no problem with letting me know that i am.

i ask for you to please help me GOD i have not giving up on you and i know that you will help me in this time of need. I need you more than ever GOD please help me i love you and i thank you

In Jesus name i pray AMEN

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  1. Novena Prayer

    Dear heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favors this time I ask you for this very special one (mention favour). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Amen, Say for three days and then promise publication and the prayer will be granted no matter how impossible.

  2. Im in a very bad situation

    Lord please help me I’m in a bad situation with my life I can’t find a job I can’t go to school I can’t do anything please Jesus help me I want to win the lottery please help me to win the lottery I need money urgently Lord I need job I need your help I need lottery win in Jesus name Amen

  3. God send me a miracle.

    God I have messed up and got myself into some legal trouble please help me God, to be freed from this hard time I’m in. I know you won’t give me more than I can handle, I’ll not give up on you … I love you God. please guide over this situation. I pray this goes in my favor. I pray to you God in the name of your only begotten Son Jesus Christ AMEN.

  4. We are desperate

    My daughter and I have been going through a 7 yr hardship since my beloved husband passed in 2011. Not only did we lose him, but our home to forclosure, jobs that i have been laid off from, friends who have disappeared and family that have ignored us. We are so broken. We have been living in an unsafe apartment and desperately want to get out but I still do not have a FT job in order to do so. Please pray for us and a way out of our stagnant situation. We cannot do this much more.

  5. God please send me a miracle for next week

    God my father my everything
    Lord i know that I’m not worthy to you please jesus help me win the lottery jackpot on the week of February 8 2018 i have in emergency for money I’m hungry i have nothing to eat to drink i need food to eat please jesus let me win even half of the lottery jackpot so i can pay off some. my debt and so i can buy food to eat and dress to wear please my lord my father in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

  6. My home flooded & workers are constantly stealing

    Dear lord send your wrath on the people who have taken from me my most earthly precious possessions. I have lost all of my jewelry, my wedding ring, my children’s high school rings & many other heirlooms meant for them when I pass. So many things are gone it’s becoming hard to keep track of everything. Construction has stopped because of it and I feel so personally violated. Please lord help me deal with so much loss, and to remember that heaven is where my true valuables are. Amen

  7. I'm in a very bad situation

    I am in a very bad situation. My boyfriend of the past two years is abusive and treats me very badly. I am stuck at his place. He took my vehicle and will not give it back. I have two boys who have been waiting for me to come home. My boyfriend abuses drugs and he has a mental problem. I need help.

  8. Very bad situation.

    Lord please help me I’m in a bad situation and I need help please be with me T-day when I go to roll call. Please just give me 1 more chance.

  9. A life partner

    Lord, pls look into this situation that I have been in for a long time. I seriously want to settle down and start having a family of my own. I have been lonely for a long time and without someone care for me. God, I need a man figure in my life (a husband) pls harken unto this and bless me. All of my friends are almost married. Pls if it be a family/ancestral covenant affecting us pls free us from it.
    Thank you Lord as I await your blessings this year 2018.

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