Prayer To Get The Love Of My Life Back

by Sabrina (U.S, San Antonio, Tx)

Dear Mary, God And Jesus

First let me start with saying forgive me and my sisters for all the sins that we have made and that we will make in the future.
times are tough right now and it seems as if things are falling apart. you know that recently my sisters and niece and i have moved in together and i feel as though where falling apart.

Lord, times are tough and always have been but i pray that you’ll keep us together and finally give my sister niece and i a place to call home for the first time that youll bless us with jobs to maintain our home. that youll show us the right path and that if we so happen to fall off youll show us the way back. please take us under wings and guide us and protect us and keep us out of harms way.

Lord, i pray that youll bless us with love love to recieve and love to give back love for each other and love for our loved ones. My final and personal request Lord, Is to please reunite me and my true Love Andres Jessie Garcia. That We Will Get Back Together And Have Our Own Happy Family And Get Married And That We Will Remain Together And That Our Love Wont Ever Get Old. That Youll Bless Us, Please Lord Reunite I Sabrina Marie Torres And Andres Jessie Garcia My True Love. Let Us Be Together Forever And Remain Strong Through The Hard Times.
Thank You Jesus
Thank You God
And Thank You Mary.
I Know That Yall Are Hearing My Cries And My Prayers And I Know That Yall Will Answer Them.

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