Prayer to get the girl I see everyday to want to date me

Dear Lord,

As you know there is this girl that I see almost everyday during the week and just seeing her here with her beauty and fun, hard-working personality makes me smile and makes the day go by easier. We get along well enough on a friendly basis and she knows I am attracted to her, as we have discussed this many times before.

She just always seems so reserved with her more personal life and I wish I could be let in and be given the chance to date her and possibly become her boyfriend or something. She only sees me as a friend, but always appreciates my kindness and compliments. I pray that somehow her heart can be softened and she can let her guard down around me and learn to trust me and give me a chance to date her and herself a chance to let herself feel for me the same way I do about her. I know this would make myself, my family, possibly her family, and possibly her happy if this all could work out.

She does have her 3 year old daughter, but from the times I’ve seen her she seemed to get along with me. I would be more than happy to help out and be there for her and her daughter. I just wish she could like me/be attracted to me and act upon it while not being too shy, guarded, or reserved to do so.

I’ve liked this girl for a few years now. Please help me with your wisdom Lord. Amen.