Prayer to Get Some Things I Wanted

by Amara (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Dear Heavenly Father, I call to you in times of stress and problematic dilemma.

I just recently finished my exams, therefore completing the 2 year diploma General Arts and Sciences program I studied in Humber college, Ontario, Canada, however, the exams were not that much easy because some questions were quite hard but I did gave my level best to answer them as expected.

Please help me get an average of at least 70% of my GPA to graduate from the college and enter into the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus (UTM) I wanted to go to.

Also during the summer, I am planning to enter into workforce by doing a job position of either a greeter or courtesy sales associative in Walmart supermarket in Canada, in hopes of earning my own money so that I can use it for savings, my tuition and residence fees in university, and possibly send few more amount to my parents (who live overseas) to use that money for their retirement and everything.

Also please pray for me (Amara) that my learning disabilities (I have ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) along with maladaptive daydreaming (which I must have got from the traumatic memories of my past because my disabilities made me do this) and also my traumatic memories do not cause everyday problems in my life, I wanted to repress them away no matter what. In fact I am already tired of them causing a horrible daily lifestyle on my life and with these mental problems I cannot experience actual and real emotions, but now I want to focus on my job and my future University studies. Please do not let my traumatic memories, my disabilities, and the maladaptive daydreaming/behaviour (in fact get rid of them) ruin me, get rid of them.

Additional to this prayer, I am also praying on behalf of the people from Nepal, to help them rebuild and restore their country the way it was before the Earthquake last week destroyed it. Please help Nepal overcome their grief and loss of the people that died in the Earthquake, please give them new hope and strength of restoring their country.

Lastly, please give me the willpower to lose romantic thoughts and interests on the guys (who are actually celebrities in real life), in fact I do not want to think about them or dream about them at all, (I even have their pictures in my USB, but I would rather throw or hide that USB away and never find it again, and I even get their pictures from Facebook so I promise that I would not download their pictures ever again). I would want to focus on my job and my University studies on studying Anthropology of the Social Sciences, I want to stay focused on my studies that no other thoughts or memories should come and bother me.

Please Heavenly Father, Already I myself have brought so many problems on myself, and it also affected the people and loved one around me, please help me. Please help me.


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