Prayer to get pregnant to God

by M (Z)

My Lord,

I am at the time of my life where i fervently desire to get pregnant with my fiance and soon to be husband. I know You are the only one who is capable of planting a seed in my womb and create a new mirace of life.

My God, i pray that You grant me a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby girl or boy. You are the most Holy High and in Your spirit and power You can make all of my deepest desires come true. You have always granted my prayers and i am so thankful for allYou have done to my life. I already claim this wonderful gift and blessing from You. I shall honor and devote Your name til my dying days. I will make sure our future kids will grow up in Your Spirit and likeness.

Thank You God coz’ Your plans are always the best. I Praise and honor You with all my heart and soul. I am excited to become a loving mother and wife my Lord. Only You can make it possible. Please hear my prayers. I Love You!


I also pray that You will bless my union with my fiance soon. Let us be loyal and devoted to each other until we grow old. May we have a peaceful, happy and loving marriage and a wonderful family life. Thank You in advance Father God.

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