prayer to get out of depression and anxiety

I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for 20 months now. It started while pregnant with my 3rd child. I have never ever been depressed or had anxiety prior to the this. I hope that GOD shines light on my beautiful family again. All I would like in life is to look at my family and feel all the love and happiness for them.

Best thing in life to me was marrying my best friend and having a family with him. All I want is to be the mom and wife I was once because I loved nothing more then that.

I don’t want anything else in my life except to get my health and happiness back for my family. I want to be able to make them smile the way I used too!

Please pray for my family to heal from this illness

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    Depression and anxiety is the absence and the opposite of peace and joy. The peace and joy of God sustains His children.
    Do not hurry or worry about anything in this life. Stay focus on The Lord Jesus Christ and all the things and people that give you joy and continue to praise God for them. Read psalms of praise constantly. Take your drugs, if any, but let your trust be in the healing power of The Holy Spirit; His Peace, and Joy.
    Seek, ask, and knock on the door of His Holy Spirit, and you shall receive the gift of Peace and Joy; this alone shall cure your depression and anxiety, in Jesus Name, AMEN.

  2. may a smile come to you

    Hello 🙂 hang in there it is hard i know from thing in my life also there is a radio station call klove it might give you a start of light that will grow from the inside out may God hug you and bless your family

  3. I am praying for you

    May our loving God give you health and clarity of mind. Please Lord clear the fog of her head. Amen.

  4. I am praying for you

    May our loving God give you health and clarity of mind. Please Lord clear the fog of her head. Amen.

  5. hope and comfort

    may our good Lord Jesus, streghthen your faith and fill you with his hope and comfort….

  6. Greater is He

    God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. In the name of Jesus, I proclaim healing in her mind and be loosed from the anxiety that grips you. Lord, give her her breakthrough this very moment, and restore her joy. Let her feel your Holy Spirit and give her the relief she seeks. In Jesus name, amen.

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