Prayer to get out of debt

by Josefina A. Beltran (Las Pinas City Philippines)

Lord, through lack of financial planning and poor financial management, I have caused the school to be heavily indebted beyond its capability to pay. I entreat Thee who is our heavenly source and provider to deliver us from this indebtedness. Already, the people from whom we are indebted are after us. Please Lord, I want the school especially the schoolchildren and the teachers not to suffer because of this. Please send us the help we need, be it a financial institution, a person or an endowment. Please guide me, show me the way and enlighten me and all the people who are working with me to solve this situation.

Have mercy, o Lord, on other people who are in a similar situation as mine. May You be with us in this tempest that we are in. We praise You and glorify Your name all the days of our lives.Amen.

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