prayer to get out of debt

by Njeri (Kenya)

O God i pray for your forgiveness this day.may the power of the blood of Jesus cleanse me. let the blood flow into my mind,heart and soul. i know i have been unfaithful to you in giving i have not been doing it according to your word.please forgive and give me another chance to be faithful to you in giving.

am in debts,my business in debts. God i have been helping someone that’s how i got into these big debts. God i need your help that i may get out of these debts that i may breath again. my business too needs you that God this business that you gave me may profit and that i may get money for tithe,thanksgiving,for the building of your house and to help my loved ones.

Have mercy on me i desperately need your help for everything,gold and silver belongs to you,the maker of heavens and earth. God set me free from debts. thank you for hearing my prayer and answering it,thank you for helping me pay these debts.


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