Prayer to Get out of Debt & bless with health, wealth and prosperity

by Lata (Ahmedabad)

Respected Sir,

First of all I am putting my all financial struggles to the almighty’s hand.

I am a single parent from a hindu family having one baby girl who is studying in 12th standara. I am a working women from a poor family. I have no bank balance but with me I have blessings of almighty as well as my elders. Still I am struggling to meet both ends. I have a liability of Rs.3.00 lakhs. I just would like to get out from this burden immediately. Once I get out from this, alongwith my daughter, I also want to help some poor childrens for their study and poor senior citizens whose childrens are not taken care, I would like to provide my maximum with love and affection. As I have no parents, I would like to help others.

So please pray for me to get out from the debt and fulfill my wishes for others.

With best wishes & warm personal regards,