Prayer to get out of debt and a secure future

by Prince (Arlington, VA)

Heavenly Father,

I come humbly before you because you said you never sleep or slumber. I come because you are the God who knows and sees all. You know our problems and you understand what we are able to bear. There are so many people who have submitted requests here and you know all about them. You know how to work things out for each request which has been made here.

My prayer is that you will look favorably upon my daughter and myself as we continue to believe you for mercy in our particular situation. We helped so many with the help center that threw me into debt years ago. I was left to pay all the bills and my life went under. Lord you know about my husband who took everything that I owned for himself. You know about the false statements which were made about me. You also know the harassment and embarrassment on my jobs after an unfortunate series of accidents. You know who lied and who told the truth. So I come pleading for relief for my daughter and myself and prayerfully ask for a miraculous resolution so that we can move forward with our lives.

You know about the wickedness of schools and universities who educate students and are not held accountable for inadequate curriculum. You know about employers who turn their heads and refuse to hire qualified persons based upon color or past mistakes. You know about cronyism, sexual favors, implants and electrodes. You know all about controlling mechanisms and the desperation of certain races to maintain control over our people. You know about aggressive scams, and carefully masked abuse. You know about the satanic attacks on the innocent by people like Walter Freeman and Samuel Cartwright. You know about You know about clusters, sororities, and fraternities. You know about wickedness in high places.

Sometimes Lord, it appears that we have no friends in the world, it seems that no one cares. It seems that you have shut the door on our lives and have turned your head while we pray in earnest. Open your heart to us Oh Lord, look down from heaven and bless us, revive us, restore us, fill us with your love and forgive any transgressions. We look to you, now and always because we know that you will answer prayer.

Heavenly Father, as I close this prayer tonight, I pray for our protection, good health, and that you would bind the efforts of satan and his demons who are all around trying to cause us to stumble. Cast satan and his cohorts into the pits that they have dug for us. Cause them to understand that you are God and God alone, our refuge and our help in the time of trouble.

We know that you will replenish, restore, revive, renew, and regenerate us. In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray and no weapon formed against us shall prosper, because you hold us in the palm of YOUR hand and hide us under the shadow of your wing,

In the mighty name of the crucified one who died for our sins and shed his blood at Calvary that we might have the right to the tree of life we pray,

Amen and Amen.

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