Prayer to get on the right foot

by Kalman (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Lord of Love,

I pray for the return of my love. I had built our relationship on pillars of salt and sand. I was so consumed in finishing school and finding a better job that I purposely made it into a weak relationship.

I have come to realize how much I truly love her and how I should not have ignored all the signs that she was the one for me. Stars themselves fell from the skies the day I met her and for many days thereafter, heralding what should have been.

Please help me to be open and honest with her always. Please show her that with my devotion I can be what she needs and that I will not stay as the shadow of what I was meant to be. Pray for me to be true, pray for me to return to normalcy, and pray for her to see that it is not a lie.

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