Prayer to get my true love back

by Kristina (Orlando,Florida)

Dear god, its been about 5 months since me and my ex boyfriend split up. I know he still loves and cares for me but weve lost contact for about 3 months i until recently where ive been seeing his family around, not by choice, just very randomly. I did go to his house yesterday to do his sisters hair, I wanted to say hi to him, and I did, when I saw him my whole face lit up, and so did his. He says hes happy with his life and has moved on, but I feel deep in my heart he hasnt and is scared to take me back but ive changed so much. Just please let him understand that and know that im,still trying.

I know hes my soulmate and true love. I pray you reunite us again, and know im sorry for what ive done. I know I dont want anybody else, and it only feels right when im with him.i believe in fate, and I was with him for four years, thers got to be a resason hes still appearing in my life.

I hope to meet again, and start fresh. Im truely sorry for what I done, and I.know to appreciate the little things in life.

Love is great to have, patience is needed for love, and time is what im waiting for. I believe, love and trust in. you my god.

thank you lord, amen.

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  1. Love is god

    Dear God…Thank you for everything in my life. Forgive me for all of my sins from the past, present and future. I come to you today to ask that you bring Mr dhamu back into my life. I love him with all my heart and soul and the timiming for us being together was not right. Please God his heart and make him realize how much I love him. Please God, open the doors for us to live a life of love and happiness. He’s not only someone that I love but he is my soul mate and best friend. God you gave me my heart to love so you know how much I love him. Please bring him back to me so we can at least start back as friends and build on that so that our love can grow together. I give him my 9 years he put sindur my head front of u then from 3 years he married with other still we met but thats not right he he cheat me i know but how can i live i cant do any thing without him i m totaly lost pls help i can i live only u can help. Please answer my prayer. Thank you God.

  2. un derserving of another chance

    Lord, I’m an awful person still looking for my footing in matters of heart. Father you have blessed me countless times with love. In my supreme igronrance I have been blind to my blessings. Lord father, how un deserving I am. I prey you re unite me and MC. I love her with all my heart and soul. She is my other half and I have forshaken your blessing father. I prey for forgiveness and mercy. Lord father, I prey for the reuniforcation of me and my love. Fellow pray warriors please prey for me. Thank you lord.

  3. My love deserves one chance

    God, You know I was very bad person previously but once I met her I was totally different person and everything on me was genuine, I was selfish but she changed me and my life she bought so much luck for me but the day she left me everything is ruined, she doesn’t want to return to me back but I believe that if she returns I’ll value her same and won’t hurt her much, it’s been three months and I can’t move on and hope she just shows but even she loved me a lot, please help to get her back.

  4. I want him back

    Dear God I pray to you this morning in a time of need.2wks ago my son father my ex husband was release from prison after 9yrs.we having been together in 18yrs.Been when I seen him it hit me he has been the only man I’m truly in love with.we speak every night on the phone for hrs.we reminisce about old time he sings to me. He also said things like he wish we was still married.the only problem is he has remarried 11yrs ago but shortly after he was incarcerated.she haven’t been a good wife to him.since he came home he tells me everything where he’s going what he did.also what he cook how it taste lol.I cry ever night because I want my husband back it feels so right when tell each other how much we love each.I promise if i get that man back i will do right this time.

  5. All i have left

    Please lord hear my prayers and allow her to have the space and time she needs to herself. Allow me to have the time i need to think and pray over my situation. I ask for you to guide us back together to an even healthier and more beautiful relationship than before. I love her with all my heart still and i know I’ve done wrong and made plenty of mistakes that contributed to the downfall of our relationship. I still believe shes my soulmate even if she doesn’t love me anymore. I’m working on changing what i can about myself to become as best as i can be. Please allow her to see the mistakes shes made and to make changes accordingly in herself to be the best she can possibly be. I’m ready for another chance to show her how I’ve changed for the better to love her and support her unconditionally for the rest of our lives together. I also pray for any other people to be re-united with their soulmates or to find them. Thank you for the blessings i have received and that you shall continue to send to me lord. Amen in Jesus name.

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