Prayer to get my love back

by Greta (India)

Father Almighty

Last month my boyfriend left me because he said he couldn’t handle me anymore.
I promise I have not done anything wrong except give him all my love and care. I have always gone out of my way to make him happy and do everything for him. Maybe he was frustrated because I always did everything for him. For whoever fault it is, I ask for forgiveness from both our sides and humbly ask you to please hear my cry for help. He is the love of my life and I have seen him as my husband. You are the only one who can touch his heart and fill it worth love for me and your miracles will bring him back to me.
I request you urgently and deeply to please listen to my prayer and please give me back my love. I want 1 chance more to be with him. Please fill his heart with much love for me.
Please forgive me and give me and him once chance to be togther again.
I request you all brothers and sisters to please pray for me and him to unite again and to sing praise to the Lord togther .
Thank you.

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