Prayer to get my love back

I need your help very urgently.

I am in relation for past 5 years. We love each other very much and want to get married . I do not have anyone except him.

He has given me the love as a friend, mother, father, grand parents every one. I love him very much and cannot afford to lose him. He is my life, my world.

Now issue is his parents have fixed his marriage with another girl. He has told everyone at home that he loves me and want to get married. But all are emotionally blackmailing him as a result he is now ignoring me and now he says he cannot marry me even though he wants to.

We are in mess . Only God can help me. I cannot live without him. I will have to die. Please help me. Time is very crucial as they have fixed his marriage. Even he is not happy but he is helpless. Please break that marriage or give him the courage to return back to me. We will start from scratch i will support him in all ways as i have done till today. Please help me.

Our details is as below :

Myself – Divya Kumar – 22 April 1988

My love – Indrajeet Jaiswar – 29 Aug 1986

We want to get married.this is the best gift of my life and i promise you i wont ask anything more.
Even it is happy or sad times of life i am ready to struggle with him.

Just give me life my love back