Prayer to Get my Family Out of Trouble

by Margaret (Texas)


You have seen my life’s struggles. You have brought us through with your miracles abound. Right now my husband is hurting from my mistakes, mostly my chronic health and suicide attempt.

His anger grows daily and has gone from striking me through hateful words to physically over spanking our youngest son who depends upon me. I can not physically give our family what a mother should do to my disabilities. I cannot provide to my sons without my husband.

He was once loving and kind, now he is full of anger and pain. Please Lord, heal the wounds our troubles have caused. Bring him back into your loving arms. Help him see he is our covering and we love him unconditionally. Please forgive me as well for believing they would be better without my illness burdens.

Financially and emotionally allow your miracle of healing for my health. So, that I can be the mother and wife they all deserve!