Prayer to get my boyfriend back

by Cristina Hernandez (Chicago,IL USA)

My boyfriend and I went through rough stuff this past weekend to the point where his family doesn’t like me.We ended up splitting up. I ended up leaving the house that was his mom since he wanted us to live together.

I really want to be back with him he is my true love and I am digging myself into a hole haven’t slept for days I really love him so much. I am asking you to give me a miracle and for him to take me back and for us to be happy again living together and for his family to like me once gain. Him and I went through many things and I’m not ready for me to let go of all those memories when they were all so great.

Please I’m asking you to help me. I was about to go to the point where I wanted to commit suicide. I would do anything to have him back into my life as my boyfriend and future husband.