Prayer to Get My Boyfriend Back to Me

by Appy (India)

St Jude i beg to you please help me in this tough time.i really love my boyfriend from the bottom of my heart and want to get married to him and stay happily with him for ever.But i don’t know why is he so scared to tell about us to his parents and convince them.God please give him strength so that he can change his mentality and talk about me to his parents.

God help me that his entire family specially his mom gets convinced.and talk to me as soon as possible i really want to talk to her and convince his mom that i will be the second person on this planet to love him the most after her as nobody can replace mother’s love.i will try to be a good daughter in law..Please st Jude dont snatch away my love from me.please pray for me that i get united with my boyfriend.

he gets strength to convince his family and love me deeply from his heart.and his family accepting me happily in-spite of cultural differences.I will never forgive the favors received for my entire life.i am in great need of support please pray for me…Amen

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