Prayer to get money back

I pray to you St Jude, please help us to get our money back, please make a whisper to the person who owe us, tell him to come and see us so that we can sit and talk about our problem, pls give me and my husband peace of mind and strenght to face the problems we encountered right now, i pray that it will be solved in good talks and understanding, tell him we can forgive him as long as he come to us, we are only here waiting to him.

I pray to you st, jude to help us sell our cars and our business be thrived and prosper so that we can cope up to our losses, i pray for the good health of my family i pray that i have a good increase to my job. I pray that my husbande get/buy a passenger jeep that he wants. thank you st jude, i know there’s no impossible to you.

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