prayer to get me to my dream college

by Swetha (Bangalore)

Dear Jesus,

I’ve been praying for this for almost two years. And finally the day has arrived. In ten days I’ll be writing the entrance exam for my dream college. And it somewhat seems highly impossible now, but I believe in the God of miracles. I believe that you can help fight this battle and also that you can help succeed. A lot of things in my life have changed Jesus. But I’ve been persistent on this one request. This is my dream college Jesus. And I’ve been imagining myself there for years now.
And I need this. And you know how badly I need this Jesus. And you have to help me. Because there are too many people who are telling me that I cant do it. And I told them that I can do it because I believe that Jesus will help me. And I got mocked for that. Jesus I have to prove them wrong. I put my trust in you. Let me not be ashamed Jesus. Grant my requests.
A month from now I will know my results and the Bible says that whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have already received them. I dont have much hope right now, but I continue to put my trust in you. A month from now I strongly believe that I would be rejoicing in the name of the Lord, for blessing me with this success.
Dont fail me O Lord. For I have come to you as I am, asking forgiveness, and I’m asking you to help me achieve this.
I will truly dedicate my success to you, because you will be the one that will make it happen.
Bless me, strengthen me and be with me to achieve this Lord.

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