Prayer to Get me through this semester with love and success

by Evan (Pennsylvania)

Dear lord, i know you are busy doing the wonders of the world and i ask for just one quick thing. I have been trying my best to be a better person. I truly believe with all of my heart that i have changed. I ask you please let dani see this change and take me back. I will be lost this semester with out her. I also ask that you get me through this semester as quickly as possible.

I know it is not good to pray time in our precious lives away but i just would love for this semester to go by quickly. Finally, i ask that i not be let hung out to dry after my meeting with coach johnsen monday. I have made my decision to transfer and with that comes the need to give up football at this school. I leave tomorrow and i wish it was not so. leaving the security and love of my family is not something i want to do. But overall i just want dani to take me back.

because with her, and your will, i will make it soundly through this semester and it will not matter if my teammates seclude me from anything. I will have her and I will have you. I thank you for everything you have given me and just ask that this prayer be answered
in jesus name