Prayer to get loved one back/ get trough dark times

by Soraya (Netherlands)

Dear Father,

I’m praying to you once again, asking for your help. You know who i am. I am your child. You know me better than anyone.
Please help me heal my broken heart. I am so lost without Dylan.
Times are so tough and dark already,
I don’t know what to do without him, and I can’t get through this on my own. I need your help. Whatever plan you have for me, I will follow. But Lord, If it’s possible, then please make him come back into my life. Please give us a miracle. please give us a miracle. Please give us a miracle. I believe in you Father. Make him brighten my days again. Change his heart for me, make his love for me come back. I got so much love left to give him.
But keep me strong, if that is not your plan for me. Carry me through the hard and lonely days of depression. Lead me through the darkness of the night, lead me to your valley.
From the deepest of my heart I’m asking for you to send me your love, your blessings, send me a friend. I could really use all the support You have right now.
And Father help me to have faith in the work you do, faith in your timing
Even though I don’t always understand it, and even when it hurts this much.
I love you.

In Jesus’ name, Amen Father

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