Prayer to Get Instant Money to Pay All the Debt and Enough Money to Enjoy Life

by Archana (India)

Dear God, have mercy on us as we are sinners please forgive for all the wrong we must have done.I cast all my worries unto you my loving god.Please help me us get enough money immediately so we can get rid of our debts as soon as possible .

Show me a way to start earning my living again and support my husband financially.He is really working hard to make up for the all needs but for some reasons demands are just increasing hep us oh almighty to get and earn enough money for our living and that we get rid of our debts .i beg of u to look upon us and show us ur kind love and shine upon us the light of prosperity in abundance. I beg for forgiveness my lord.

I am feeling all alone left out in this world as there is no one who i can look at for any help.You are my only Savior my lord and i know if and only if you wish things will change soon and start moving.please look upon us oh lord and bless us with wealth in abundance . i believe in you my lord and know it will be given if i ask from you our loving father. In the name of father,son & holy spirit AMEN.

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