Prayer to get her back

by Patrick (MI)

A little over a month ago, my first girlfriend broke up with me because previous experiences in her life have made her in her mind unable to be in a relationship with anyone. She has lost her faith in God and, although she doesn’t realize it, needs it back.

She deserves all the love in my heart and all that God can reveal to her and I want to give her that love. I just ask for prayers that her heart be healed, transformed, and return to me so that I can give her all that she deserves.

I understand that it may simply not meant to be, but I truly think I could be the best thing for her because of my understanding heart and how much I want to be there for her and help her. So please pray that God may show He truly is a miracle-worker for her and show her how much He loves her.

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  1. Bring her back

    I just hope wish & pray that you all will get your loved ones back in your lifes.. I want my girl to be back again with me plz god show her the way make her realise that what she’s doing is wrong plz god dont let her go in the wrong way.. Plz bring her back to me.. I love her the most . ❤️

  2. Bring her back

    I just hope wish & pray that you all will get your loved ones back in your lifes.. I want my girl to be back again with me plz god show her the way make her realise that what she’s doing is wrong plz god dont let her go in the wrong way.. Plz bring her back to me.. I love her the most . ❤️

  3. Please God, bring her back

    Recently me and my girlfriend broke up. We had some conflicts such as her ex talking to her and trying get her back. My ex and I would fight about it a lot to the point we wouldn’t speak for a little bit. But we always came back and loved each other nmw. It has gotten to the point where she didn’t know what she wanted and wanted to break up or take a break. It crushed my heart. I have been praying everyday and every night for her back. I believe she is my soul mate. As soon as I met her, I clicked with her and got along with her really well. It was my most serious relationship I’ve ever had. I have met her whole family and she was about to meet mine at thanksgiving. It has been a struggle without her. I believe she wants her ex back but she says she wants me. She just wants to be single. Dear god, will you please give me back the love of my life. Please answer my prayer, I really need this girl back. She was everything to me. She made me smile even when she wasn’t around. I was the perfect boyfriend to her, giving her long paragraphs in the morning for her to wake up in the morning to. I never lied to her and treated her like she was my number one. She was my everything, I’m just asking you, please don’t let her slip away from me. Please give me the strength it takes to get her back, give me the courage I need to get through this while she’s gone. Give me the time and strength to give her space she needs knowing i was never good at it. Give her the strength she needs to realize how much she needs me back, give her the strength she needs to become happy again and wanting to be with me. That’s all I ask. Please if you’re reading this please pray for me. And god if you can hear me please, please bring the love of my life back into my life so I can call her mine again..

  4. my recent experience..

    I believe in god…he alone can undosin w pain
    hat we did … sin can be forgiven..I was unfaithful..i hate myself for hurting the person i truly love … can’t change what happen..hurts her..the Pain in me…i am seeking help for my
    addiction …talking online…dating sites..big
    mistake………praying…helps…a curse…hard to find a good lady…its never too late…win them back…its attithattude…and Satan…that binds the mind between her an i…but god

    d help me……. return her too me… oh god it…is meant
    to be…i know it….

  5. Jesus will hear your prayers

    The Lord watches over us all. He hears our hearts pain and listens to our crying prayers every night. Please do not think that he doesnt want to answer your prayer for he will, in his own time. We may blame God for everything that made our life fall but everything has a reason. Just hang on and have faith in him.
    Me and my girlfriend broke up 3 days ago. (we became lovers on 11PM, same time we broke apart and same time we got back.) I was so desperate that I approached black magic. A friend of mine told me that love is better when it comes purely and if I resort to magic, that will show that I am a selfish person. On the other day, I quickly went to church, I prayed hard and asked God for forgiveness that I ever doubted him in the first place. I told God all the problems I’m having with my girlfriend and I told him How much I love her so. That whatever happens, I am willing to give my all for her. I was there in the church weeping like a child. I admit I am not religious but I believe in Jesus. the next 3 days, I did not hear anything from her and on the night of the 3rd day, something came up to me that I must go to her place. I found her there, writing a letter of Goodbye to me. I touched her shoulder gently and she was surprised to see me. I apologized to her and promised to her that I wont do the mistakes i’d do again. I told her that shes all I ever need and I dont want to lose her again. I don’t know how but she changed her mind, and she was willing to give us a fresh start. She erased the letter that she made and discarded it. Somehow, we are back on track and I know somewhere, God has heard his child asking for help. I can’t say I did this on my own or it was just a coincidence that maybe the girl was really trying to forgive me all along but no, Jesus worked in a way I did not see.
    So, don’t give up. Believe in him.

  6. To Get Her Back

    I am also in the same position as you guys are, I lost the person whom I loved more then anything else. I feel her as my solemate. We seperated because of her family. It is over 5 months now. She told she likes me but she is happy in her present life. I had prayed God a lot to return her back but may be God is not listening to me or he had some other plans.
    She had enter into a wasteful life like enjoing late night parties. Roaming with guys. But still a my heart cant see her doing that.
    I had tried what so ever I can do but could not get her back till date. Now It seems to be impossible. But still a hope of love blinks in me. I knew God persists and one day he will get her back to me.
    I had read somewhere, That some time things are not in your destiny and God make them spare from you but If you pray with hole heart it may divert the God’s mind to change your destiny and make you with her.
    I am looking forward to this. Lets all pray for who truly love to there lovers and can get them a lovely life. God please dont seperate the lover ones if you meet them with your wishes. If they are seperated please reutine them with power of love.
    God if you let them meet once, its your responisibility to reunite them again.Since only you have such power and hear to unite your Son & Daughter.
    We all are waiting for your trigger.

  7. Gods love

    Amen brother…am in abit of a similar position to u, my best friend who happens to be my soulmate has distant from me for about 6weeks now. And saying the whole getting in to a relationship has happened so fast, and that we need to allow the whole relationship, but she said she still likes me.
    But the thing is i know what she’s like and no matter who she gets with,they won’t treat her how I treat her, I treated her like my best friend aswel as my girl friend.and she’s a Muslim not a Christian.but I have given her a bible.really want Jesus to transform her and show her the love that Jesus has to offer.

    But I like what u said, maybe she’s not ment to be with me,but I know her heart and I want to give her that love that my heart has for her. I pray god listens to urz and my hearts desire.
    She is my hearts desire

  8. My Bae

    I have a certain love for someone and she likes me but isn’t ready for commitment, i just want God to show her that im not like the rest and give her the desire to want to commit to me. She is all i desire

  9. Soul mate

    I claim her back in the name of God!! We are meant to be together and I know this without a doubt. The bible says that God will give us the desires of our heart and she is what my heart desires. I believe in the word of God and it is always true and faithful. God will bring her back to me and restore what we had to an even greater love and relationship. Nothing will stand in the way of God and his promises.


  10. Pray for me and my ex to get back together

    Me and my ex broke up 2 weeks ago. Let give you some back story on how we met. We met through a friend who gave her my contact because I told the friend that I though she was cute we hit it off instantly. We were both in different states but that didn’t stop us from falling for each other. I decided to drive out to she her and meet her and it was worth it. We started dating after that visit and fell hard for each other. We dated for almost 3 months but we ended up breaking up. Neither of us wanted to, but it was that the distanance became too much for her and she got scared that her schedule would make it hard for her to make time for me and didn’t want to hurt me. We decided to stay best friends but I’m still in love with her. I’ve been praying for us to get back together again and I’m beginning to lose hope. I want to tell her I’m still in love with her and I hope this doesn’t ruin what we had. I hope god is listening to my prayers because I don’t know what to do anymore. Please pray for me and my ex to be able to get back together once again and be able to live a long and happy life together.

  11. Pray for me and my ex to be back together

    Me and my girlfriend broke up recently and I feel lost and empty. Here is some back story to help. Me and my ex met from a mutual friend the friend gave her my contact info because I though she was cute. We hit it off really quick and really started liking each other. We both lived in different states but that didn’t stop us. I drove out to meet her and we started dating long distance after that. It was an amazing relationship but she ended breaking up with me months later because distance became too much for her. We decided to stay best friends but I’m still in love with her. Neither of us really wanted to break up but she felt like she was gonna hurt me. I still want to tell her that I’m in love with her. I’ve been praying for help to let us be back together and live a long and happy life together. I’m starting to lose hope and I don’t know what else to do. I hope god is listening to my prayers. Please pray for me and my ex to be able to get back together again and live a long and happy life together. Thank you god bless you all.

  12. My Girlfriend

    Today, me and my are going though it. I love this girl with all my heart despite what we been through. I took this out of proportion and made the problem bigger than it was by bashing her on social media and going to her ex best friend over assumptions. I’m truly in distressed right now. All I want is for my baby girl is to talk to me so we can sort things out. I beg of God just to bring my girlfriend back to me. For the last couple of day I haven’t been able to eat or even focus because she was truly apart of me. I love this girl so much, I just pray she comes back to me. I don’t know what to do.

  13. My future wife

    My girlfriend and I broke up and I was so dumb and kept acting crazy who ever reads this please pray for us I knew she just needed some time for her self and I acted crazy but I keep praying and God keeps telling me to be patient.. and that’s what I’m doing she’ was my fiancé and I just want my beautiful future wife back!

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