Prayer to get ex back

Dear God, I need you so much right now. I pray that you bring me and my ex boyfriend Dominic back together. I love him so much that it literally kills me inside to imagine him with someone else. He’s my best friend and my first. My heart is so broken, I feel as if I can barely breathe. My body hurts, I feel this hole in my soul as if something’s missing. I’ve tried to move on but it hurts. I’ve been with him, stuck by him through everything and always stayed loyal. All I want is him, all I’ve ever wanted is him. God I pray that you protect him and lead him back to me. I pray that he misses me the way I miss him and that I’m on his mind too. I pray that he realizes that he made a mistake and that he does still love me. I pray that you lead any other girl away. I pray that he sees in me everything he once did and more and that he reaches out to me. I can’t live without him and I don’t want to. Amen

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