Prayer to Get Custody of My Two Granddaughters

by Irma (Texas)

Please lord heavenly father I come to you with so much anxiety,so much worry,pain,and sadness. I have put my trust n faith in you God Almighty! Please help me get the custody of my grandaughter ‘s Emma n Brittaney while my daughter straighten out her life and does everything the cps is askin of her to regain custody of the girls who were placed in a temporary foster home ,

I’m worried because my past can cause them to decide not to allow me to care for them and I do not have no family that can help me or my daughter in this grave situation , and it would be very sad for my granddaughters to end up in a foster home system. Their father is not willing to take responsibility of them either.

So I’m the only one who can give them the love and a nourishing environment while my daugher does everything to recover from her addiction and meets the standards that she needs to do to regain custody of her daughters. I ask all of you for your prayers that I know God will hear and answer for the best interest of my little girls 5&4 yrs old.thank you for your prayers.

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